Aesthetic Treatments for Men: Harry's Profhilo® Experience

A widely assumed and prevalent concept regarding medical aesthetic procedures is that it is meant for women, right?! Wrong! It’s not a surprising perception though, because for most of known modern history, most aesthetic procedures have had the patronage of women. Luckily, in more recent years, that notion has begun to change, and although demand from women remains up to 10 times higher than from men, the male aesthetics market has seen rapid grown over recent years and is only set to continue.

This bold trend may be attributed to multiple factors -first, it is suggested that one key motivator for this is career. Certain job types come with some dose of pressure to be consistently presentable. Statistics from The Aesthetic Society (2021) show the demographic most likely to look for aesthetics treatments are professional men like lawyers or those who work in finance.

Another notion, just as we’ve seen with women, is the widely acknowledged “zoom boom”, an effect of the covid-19 pandemic. Regular confrontations with their own faces during video calls have seemingly led many men to consider their appearance more now than ever before.

Whatever their reasons, it seems more and more men are seeking the same benefits that women have been enjoying from cosmetic treatments over the years - and who can blame them? They are taking better care of their bodies as well as their skin and guess what guys - so many of us women are here for it!

We were delighted to see Harry Titley, head coach of Burton Rugby Football Club, in clinic recently, who agreed to be our case study for a skin rejuvenation package. Following a course of facials, Lucy got straight to work with PROFHILO® our injectable skin remodeling treatment that is well known for its subtle but immediate hydrating and skin tightening results.

We asked Harry for his honest feedback following his treatments with Lucy, and here’s what he had to say.

‘Hey Harry, tell us a little more about the treatment you had with Lucy?’

The treatment I had with Lucy was Profhilo. I knew nothing about the treatment before meeting with Lucy. She made it very clear what the treatment was, how it worked and the research behind it. The treatment appealed to me because it keeps the skin looking hydrated for longer, while stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. I'm in my 30's so I would like to think I don't have aged skin, however I do work outside a lot and have not looked after my skin very much in the past! So I felt like this was a way of bringing back all them years of neglect!

‘Did you experience much downtime following your treatment?’

Downtime was no time at all, my treatments with Lucy were all in the evening so by the time I woke up in the morning it was business as usual.

‘Did anyone notice you’d had injections the days following?’

One of my concerns was anyone noticing I had marks on my face from injections, partly because my day job requires me to stand and talk in front of people. One of the reasons why I went back for a second treatment with Lucy was because the days following the treatment no one noticed a thing!

‘What was your least favourite thing about the experience/treatment?’

My least favourite thing about the experience was the day leading up to the consultation and treatment. The whole process was brand new to me and very much out of my comfort zone. I was nervous and wasn't sure if this was something someone like me should even consider. However, as soon as I met with Lucy and found out more about the treatment, I was looking forward to getting started.

Before Four Weeks After

‘What was your favourite thing about the experience/treatment?’

My favourite thing about the experience was leaving my busy lifestyle behind and entering a calm and chilled environment! From the coffee/soft drink on arrival to the casual chats and treatments.

The treatment with Lucy was over quicker than I thought. Literally a couple of minutes and I was done, which was nice in some respects because of the nature of the Profhilo treatment. I had in my mind that it would take ages and be quite effortful, but it wasn't.

‘What would you say to other men considering injectable treatments?’

The first thing I would say is get in touch with Lucy and book a consultation. You'll soon realise how chilled it all is how minimum fuss is involved to get really good results.

‘Do you believe there is a taboo around injectables, particularly from men? Why do you think this is?’

I feel one of the reasons why men might not look into injectables is because we don't want the stand-out, obvious results that you might get from other treatments. That's the way I thought of it. I didn't want to walk around and people look at me and think "he's had treatment to his face!".

Profhilo is perfect because it doesn't change the shape of your face or change your appearance in that way. Instead, it's made my skin look hydrated & fresh, encouraged me to look after my skin a bit more, given me confidence when in front of people and reassures me that I'm making steps to future-proofing my skin.

‘Would you consider more treatments in the future?’

Speaking personally, I've never looked at my skin in detail or took notice of any changes to my skin. My outlook on my skin health has changed, so I'm now making steps towards caring for my skin better, and that will include future treatments.

Thanks Harry, for such insightful and honest feedback, we look forward to treating you again in the future.

Want to find out more about Profhilo treatment? Take a read of our blog post ‘PROFHILO® – What’s all the hype about?’ Alternatively, you can go ahead and make an appointment for your initial consultation directly via our booking page.

Aesthetics Nurse Lucy

Lucy Foster

Aesthetic Nurse Lucy